Giancarlo de Gennaro
hyper-realist artist

Giancarlo de Gennaro was born in Civitavecchia on 30th March 1962.
His passion for drawing hail from the ages of high school, when he discovered, thanks to the adorned drawing tests done during the classes of history of art, to have a good manual skill and an innate perception of the proportions.
In subsequent years he completely devote himself to the sport, firstly as an athlete, then as a physical education teacher (he graduated at ISEF of Rome) and a trainer, and finally as a president. During his presidency, his sport association, in 2006, became the first in Italy because of the number of its members and because of its federal activity.
His love for drawing and for Indian ink stayed latent for long, buried (he made only a few Indian ink drawings whose subject is his city). It emerged strongly again only during last years when drawing become a need, perhaps a therapy, according to his words: in fact the author declares that thanks to drawing he is calm, relaxed; his genre, attributable to hyperrealism because of the manic care of the details, gives to the author "the infantile and unreal sensation of putting the world in order".
In his personal path inside the hyperrealism he focused his attention on the trick of the lights and the shadows. So not the colours, each one with its tone and gradation, but only what the light can obtain with his impact on the surfaces. What it can light up and what it can't reach: the different tones can be represented only by the pencil, without the help of colour. From the beginning he dedicated himself to only one colour: the one of the sun when it runs into a surface which is not homogeneous.
Hence a prolific production (compatibly with the times of hyperrealism) and the need to face up to the public.

Term of the language of Art criticism, that it was spread together with other analogs, like radical realism, superrealism, photographic realism, sharp-focus realism, to designate a specific inclination of realism during 1970s. Hyperrealism offer an image of the reality extremely authentic to the smallest detail by a technical perfection often comparable to the photographic quality, but aggressive, for example in the alteration of the proportions.
The trend was born during '70s, and it spread in Europe during the following decade. In fact, it derived from pop art and it was distinguished because of the maniacal of the details, in every respect exaggerated.

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Translated by Eleonora Arena

Winner of the
19th National Competition of Contemporary Art
SaturARTE 2014
with the work "Kitchen"

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